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Team of qualified and trained engineers with vast expertise in this field, successfully we have installed unique system which were probably first time in India. 

Few are listed below :

  • Robotic Nut Runner by using Vision System: Automotive manufacturers were using conventional Nut Runner and need of hour is to go for intelligent system, which is been successfully offer by us.
  • Robotic Sealant Dispensing using Vision System: Part identification and precise sealing are key factors for the product quality,which is been successfully offer by us.
  • Gear Machine Line Automation: Gear being a complex part,we offer robotic automation on Hobbing, Shaving and Shaping machines.
  • Jig Less Welding: Future of welding is Jig less, Material Handling robot used to handle parts in tandem with welding robot.
  • Robotic Aluminium MIG Welding: Aluminium being difficult material to weld, we have made it easy.
  • Robotic Ladling: Controlled pouring of molten metal eliminates rejection in Aluminium foundry, robotic ladling is best solution.
  • Robotic Foam Pouring Application for Automotive seating .
  • Sand Core drilling and vending of foundries.

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